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Rapper Common joining 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta'?

Is Hip-hop star, Common joining "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta"? According to a recent interview posted Friday on, the underground rapper could be joining the cast of the hit reality show. Before signing on, the Grammy winner would like the network to provide a short list of demands that may seem a little redundant. On his list are cars for himself and his daughter, a beautiful woman that isn’t a cast member and $25 million.

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Photo by Lee Celano/Getty Images for Grey Goose
Joins Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for BET

Common met up with VH1 to discuss his accession to the "LHHATL" soundtrack. He recently released a song called, "Real". He describes the song as having a Hip-hop, feel-good melody with a throwback 90s nostalgia and promises the song is for everyone. “It’s a feel-good joint that you can rock anywhere, at the BBQs, the club or in your car”.

It appears the show was a muse for his song because he hinted that although the absurdity and folly on the show is entertaining, it has to get to the realness underneath the drama. He went on to say that the song is a good fit for “Love and Hip Hop” because the show is driven by drama and the song addresses the issues of authenticity. "My song is about getting to the real of the drama".

Since the early 1990s, Common has maintained notable mainstream success through his work. He launched his own record label, Common Entertainment; he is a model and writer. His burgeoning acting career has garnered him roles in some of Hollywood’s most acclaimed films like 'Smoking Aces' and 'American Gangster'. He has seen his share of controversy too. In 2011, he accepted an invitation to the White house to perform a poem for First Lady Michelle Obama. This caused furor and backlash with the New Jersey State police and its union due to its controversial lyrical content.

Common is also noted for his eclectic taste in women. He has been romantically involved with Erykah Badu, Taraji P. Henson and Serena Williams. As of July 2014, he maintains he is a single man. Common has established himself as a triple threat. He is a respectable Hollywood star, renowned poet, model and musician. Someone with these credentials should not be negotiating terms of a contract for a role on reality TV. He has established what most of these de facto stars are aspire to.

Should Common Join reality TV?

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