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Rapper Big Boi gives credit to 'Jesus' for restoring his marriage

Big Boi says "Jesus" made the difference in his marriage.
Photo by Theo Wargo

According to on Sunday, former OutKast Rapper, Big Boi, 39, has reconciled with his wife, Sharlita Patton. TMZ caught up to the, "I Like The Way You Move," song producer and learned that Jesus has made the difference in his life.

After landing from a flight, TMZ found Big Boi on the street and asked him about the reconciliation with his wife. Big Boi replied, "The family that prays together, stays together."

Big Boi's birth name is Antwan Andre' Patton. He was born February 1, 1975 in Savannah, Ga where he partly grew up. The history of this hip-hop artist dates back to 1992. He was also a part of Andre 3000.

Back in October, the rapper's wife, Sharlita Patton filed for divorce. Sharlita found some scandalous photos on Big Boi’s mobile phone. The two have two children together, and he has another child from another relationship.

The hip hop artist is no stranger to the recording industry and he's rubbed shoulders with the best of the best; including, Mary J. Blige and Patti LaBelle. Big Boi also has acting ability. He starred in Wild N' Out and Who's Your Caddy?

It is common to see high profile celebrities break up, but rarely do we hear of reconciliation. Big Boi was not ashamed to state that "Jesus" made the difference in his life; he boldly declared the message to reporters.

Big Boi's declaration sends a message to other rappers and hip-hop artist who feel that their marriage is over. The message is, you can make it if you allow Jesus and prayer in your life. And that family is important. The Bible states that, we should "pray and not faint." God is an awesome God. If God can restore Big Boi and Sharlita Patton, he can restore your marriage too!

Congratulations to Big Boi and Sharlita Patton on a big comeback.

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