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Rapper Andre Johnson cuts off his own penis moments before suicide attempt

When you live a life of fame and fortune, sometimes happiness is beyond reach. Being a celebrity can take a toll on even the strongest individuals. If you aren't equipped to handle everything that goes along with fame, it can weigh heavily on you. According to an April 16 report from TMZ, Northstar rapper Andre Johnson is hospitalized after a suicide attempt. While with friends in the early morning hours, Johnson cut off his penis and then jumped off of the apartment building balcony.

Andre Johnson was affiliated with Wu-Tang Clan
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Andre Johnson uses the stage name Christ Bearer instead of his legal name when rapping with other group member, Meko. The other people at the gathering insist they had no idea Johnson was going to go off the deep end. They also insist that no drugs were used during their get together.

When the story first broke, it was being reported that Andre Roxx was the person who cut off his own penis and attempted suicide. That information is incorrect. It was Andre Johnson who mutilated himself. Johnson and Meko are affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan but are not a part of the actual group.

Fans are at a loss for words over this incident. Many of them know Andre Johnson as only Christ Bearer and insist he seemed like things were okay in life. His talent was apparent in everything he did. Twitter is buzzing about the news with comments coming from all over the country.

Right now there are no further updates about the situation. Andre Johnson is in a Los Angeles hospital, but it is unclear whether or not doctors are going to attempt to reattach his penis. It isn't everyday that you find out a man cut off his own penis intentionally. No official statement has been made on Johnson's behalf but fans are expecting a publicist or family member to issue something soon.

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