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Rapper affiliated with Wu Tang Clan stable after severed penis, suicide attempt

Johnson recently severed his penis and jumped from a two-story balcony in an attempted suicide.
Johnson recently severed his penis and jumped from a two-story balcony in an attempted suicide.
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Andre Johnson, known by his rap name Christ Bearer, is in stable condition after his suicide attempt early Wednesday morning. The rapper attempted suicide by severing his penis and jumping off his second floor balcony. Although Johnson will survive and is said to be stable, a Thursday report from TMZ states that doctors were unable to reattach his severed penis.

Andre Johnson raps in a Wu Tang Clan affiliated group called Northstar. The rapper reportedly attempted to sever his penis and then jumped from his balcony and landed on the sidewalk. It is unclear what caused this bizarre behavior but it has been reported that the events unfolded within a matter of minutes.

When police arrived around 1 a.m. they found Johnson on the sidewalk in critical condition. He was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for treatment. According to a recent report, Johnson will be okay. He is now listed in stable condition although his mental health is certainly in question. Unfortunately doctors were unable to reattach his penis.

Several of Johnson's rapper friends were present when police showed up. They also have no idea why he would mutilate his own body in such a manner. They denied doing any drugs that would have caused him to act in such a manner. They did seem concerned about Andre Johnson's mental health based on his actions in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Wu-Tang Clan has said the rapper known as Christ Bearer is not affiliated with the Wu Tang brand. The connection seems to be with one of their group members. Rza from Wu Tang Clan discovered Johnson's Long Beach-based group Northstar in 1998. Their albums have been produced on a record label owned by the Clan. So while Christ Bearer is not an actual Wu Tang Clan rapper, his music is indeed affiliated at least with their label and one of their members.