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Rapist/Illegal Alien loose in Little Rock, Arkansas

Vehicles that should be on the US Mexico Border not Little Rock
Vehicles that should be on the US Mexico Border not Little

KARK4 reported that at 8am this morning, Anael Hernandez Castro escaped a prison van at Scott & 6th Street in Little Rock. The E-Stem Elementary Public Charter School at 112 W 3rd St in Little Rock was on lockdown for about an hour & a massive police manhunt is still underway. It’s not known if any of the MRAP armored vehicles sent to Arkansas, including the one for The Little Rock Police Department, have been deployed yet.

Anael is originally from Honduras & was in jail for 3 counts of rape of a child under 14. Anael also had holds for immigration, meaning he was an illegal alien. If Anael does manage to escape, it will likely be by means of the illegal alien network that is supported by crony capitalist, corrupt bureaucrats who can look the other way when handing out welfare, groups meant to help Hispanics that have been hijacked by the left, & naive charitable groups who don’t see the cost of their generosity. It's doubtful any of these groups will repay the City of Little Rock for the resources spent to recapture/kill Anael Hernandez Castro.

Anael’s victim will not get the same media attention as a strong arm robbery pothead who may have been unjustly shot in Ferguson, Missouri. Groups like Arkansas Advocates for children and families won’t testify or lobby in favor of the children harmed by illegal alien crime. U of A Fayetteville Chancellor David Gearhart won’t have a presentation about the story of an illegal alien crime victim as he did for DREAMers. It will be up to the citizen activists who have stopped multiple amnesties to pass self deportation laws that remove this illegal alien network from our great state without the use of more MRAPs in Little Rock.