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Rapidly-intensifying storm, bombogenesis, arriving

Top news coming in to a warm San Francisco today is more cold weather heading toward the East Coast.

Rapidly-intensifying storm, bombogenesis, arriving
Rapidly-intensifying storm, bombogenesis, arriving
Getty Images says that the Polar Vortex of recent days was nothing compared to what is coming and it could be the coldest weather Washington DC has experienced in three years.

Those of us who are warm in San Francisco, should remind ourselves that other parts of the country are not having it quite so easy.

Here's what's happening on the East Coast, with the bombogenesis, according to

A look at what the region faces today:
· Philadelphia: It's being called a "bombogenesis" by The Inquirer . You might ask what that is and it's been called "A rapidly intensifying storm."
· Philadelphia is expecting from 7-11 inches of snow. The cold that will hit areas in New Jersey and Delaware will be "dangerously cold."
· New York: It could be the largest storm the city has seen so far this season with 8-14 inches of snow expected, says the New York Times
reports. With the freezing temperature and the added wind chill, it will feel like it's 10 degrees below. The storm could last just one day but the freezing temperatures could last through the night.
· Washington, DC: This could be DC's most snow in almost three years and there could be frm 4-7 inches, says the Washington Post

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