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Rapidly-intensifying storm, bombogenesis, arriving (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

Rapidly-intensifying storm, bombogenesis, arriving (Part 2)
Rapidly-intensifying storm, bombogenesis, arriving (Part 2)
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· The Federal Government has declared snow days around the city and buildings will stay closed until Friday, says The Washington Post

· Boston: The most snow will fall in areas to the south of the city. There's a blizzard warning in effect and it will cover such areas as Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and the south of Boston, reports the
Boston Globe.

The news source reports:

"Snow is expected to end by 1pm tomorrow, but frigid temperatures will continue the rest of the week."

· And the Midwest has not escaped the ravages of this recent weather pattern. Propane shortages are expected. NBC reports:

"Snow is also expected in the Midwest. And bad news for everyone: Many states are experiencing a propane shortage, meaning heating could be an issue. Eighteen states have declared energy emergencies in an effort to loosen restrictions and get propane across state lines more quickly reports The Boston Globe."


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