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Rapid-selling fitness franchise ,OrangeTheory Fitness expands overseas

Frank Pistorio demonstrates proper use of free weights
Frank Pistorio demonstrates proper use of free weights
Photos by Lori Wilk

Ellen Latham ,a Florida fitness industry expert,Creator and Founder of OrangeTheory Fitness knew she was on to something big when she took what she learned in her 35 years in the fitness industry to develop her signature one-hour , scientifically-based, high-calorie burning fitness program.

OrangeTheory fitness uses a one-of-a-kind workout which is broken out into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training using a variety of equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, SBT Suspension Training, and free weights.

The results for participants were so effective that Ellen decided that she would make this program available on a much wider scale around the world. She decided to make this program into a fitness franchise opportunity and partnered with franchise marketing experts to make this happen and to explode the franchise sales.

In an interview from her personal fitness studio in Davie ,Florida called "Ellen's Ultimate Workout Gym," she shared this insight into the franchise sales of OrangeTheory fitness," We've sold 172 franchises so far and we're going international. We've got interest from Canada to Australia and I can't wait to share with you soon where all the OrangeTheory franchises will be.It's exciting and everything is happening very quickly."

When asked about the team handling the franchise sales Ellen said, "The team handling the franchise efforts has a strong track record for success with their sales of franchises for brands including Massage Envy and European Wax Centers."

Ellen continued," The international expansion is exciting but so it what's happening right here.We're a Florida-based franchise and so it's great to see more OrangeTheory fitness locations opening in Florida. We have new franchises open in Boca Raton and Delray Beach and soon they'll be open in Boynton Beach. Those are in Palm Beach County."

The signature workout used in this one-hour program which involves fitness training designed to keep our heart rate in the zone that stimulates metabolism and increased energy was featured in a NY Times article as "an effective new plateau-busting workout" in which participants can burn up to 900 calories in a 60-minute session.

From the business perspective of owning an OrangeTheory Franchise there are some factors which make this franchise ownership attractive to consider including:

1. OrangeTheory Fitness locations require relatively small retail space of approximately 2600 to 3200 sq. ft. per location.

2. The equipment needed to open this franchise would be considered by many to be low-maintenance including treadmills, row machines, and SBT Suspension Training equipment, workout benches, and free weights.

3. Moderate priced franchise fees per location lisnted at under $30,000 as stated on their website at the time of this article at Of course, all franchise fees are subject to change and this is the based on information available at the time this article was published.

4. Each OrangeTheory Fitness location has a low-staffing requirement. Each class has a personal trainer who instructs the one-hour session. One personal trainer will have a group class usually up to about 24 participants.

5. Business hours of operation of the franchise which is open 7-days-a-week are adjusted based on demand which might include an early morning class starting as early as 5:30am to an evening class beginning as late as 7:30pm. Weekend classes are offered on a more reduced schedule.

OrangeTheory Fitness is getting its share of media attention and I learned that it was featured in the NY Times as " an effective new plateau-busting workout" in which participants can burn up to 900 calories in a 60-minute session. The science behind the workout EPOC-post exercise oxygen consumption helps the participants keep burning calories for up to 36 hours after doing each one-hour session.

In Delray Beach, Frank Pistorio, a personal trainer for OrangeTheory Fitness demonstrated the moves of this 60-minute workout on the various pieces of equipment. He said," I was introduced to this workout by another personal trainer and as soon as I experienced it, I knew I would become an OrangeTheory Fitness Trainer. I was an instant fan of the workout so I introduced this program to my wife. Now she does the OrangeTheory Fitness workout three times a week.It's giving her a toned body and lots of energy."

Manager of the Delray Beach and Boca Raton OrangeTheory Fitness locations, Jesse Thomas, explained "we use a heart-rate monitor which participants strap on . During the workout participants can see how they are doing by watching a monitor.At the end of the workout we review their overall results."

He continued,"Since the first workout if free,I hope more people will come in here and experience for themselves what is being called," The Best One-Hour Workout" in the Country. So many people are tell me they like our no long-term contract fitness programs and our money-back guaranteed results." You can meet Jesse and personal trainer Frank to experience this workout for yourself at 2240 NW 19 St, Boca Raton,FL(561)750-0900.

If you're in South Florida you'll probably find OrangeTheory Fitness Founder,Ellen Latham at her personal fitness studio in Davie,Florida where she offers a comprehensive selection of fitness programs with classes from hot yoga, spin, pilates, ballet barre, stretch and meditation, programs for toddlers, and her signature "ultimate workout."

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