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Raped teenager in Sudan convicted of indecent acts

In a court in Sudan a pregnant girl, aged 18, has been convicted of "indecent acts" because she was gang-raped last year in August.

Raped teenager convicted of indecent acts
Dreamstime (with permission)

The Ethopian woman, who was 3-months pregnant at the time, was looking for houses when she was pinned down and raped by seven men. They filmed the whole incident, which took place in an empty house, says the BBC

The video was then posted online in January.

San Francisco resident, Janie Trotter, said: "It's quite disgusting how she has been treated."

After that happened, the woman and her attackers were arrested and the woman has been in a bare police cell since then.

Originally sentenced to jail for a month and fined around $880, the young woman's sentence was suspended because she was pregnant.

She managed to convince the jury she was divorced, and as a result was acquitted on charges of adultery and prostitution, although she could have gotten the death penalty.

But that's not the end of the story.

According to

"She still, however, faces immigration charges, which carry a possible two-year sentence followed by deportation."

Newser reports that at least three of the attackers were convicted of adultery and, as a result, were given 100 lashes each.

Another two of them were convicted of indecent acts and, as a result, were given 40 lashes each. A sixth attacker was convicted of spreading indecent material.


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