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Rape victim's mother attacked: Three men arrested for beating woman in India

A rape victim’s mother attacked and beaten nearly to the point of death this week is stirring an international controversy over the violent crime. A total of three men have been arrested in a case led by the father of a man charged with raping the woman’s daughter. The Pakistan Observer reports this Saturday, May 31, 2014, that the beating of the Indian woman apparently occurred because she was unwilling to remove her official complaint against the man that raped her daughter earlier this month. She is now in critical condition.

A rape victim's mother was brutally attacked over complaint
Creative Commons, Twitter

In what has been called a devastating but all-too-common incident in India, the rape victim’s mother that was attacked only received a beating as she tried to pursue justice for the heinous act committed against her teenage child. At this time, it is believed that the prime attacker was Basant Lal Yadav, the father of the man accused of raping the young girl, Sunny Lal Yadav.

According to the recent press release, the younger Lal Yadav illegally entered the woman in question’s home several weeks ago, then proceeded to her rape her daughter before leaving. Soon afterwards, a public party after hearing of the terrible news found the man and brought him to the local law enforcement station. Police officials eventually arrested the man, while the victim’s mother soon arrived as well to file a formal complaint over what had happened to her daughter.

However, ever since the violent rape, Basant Lal Yadav and his family have been pressuring the woman to withdraw her registered grievance against them. Since she has failed to do so, it is believed that Lal Yadav and two others took matters into their own hands, attacking the rape victim’s mother and violently beating her senseless earlier this week.

Fox News also shares in their additional coverage that it appears the mother wasn’t just attacked, she was also stripped almost naked out in the public eye, a particular sign of disgrace and disrespect towards women in India. Police files cite her then being assaulted by Basant and at least two others, leading to the confirmed arrests this Sunday morning. At this time, the woman remains in critical condition, and is trying to recover in a local Etawah hospital.

The source site adds that she is now likely just as “scarred” as her daughter, and it is hopeful that they might receive justice for the cruelties inflicted upon them, especially when the attacked victim’s mother was only trying to find vindication for her teenage child. Chief Mayawati of the area condemned the attack, noting the increasing number of crimes (especially those involving rape and beatings of women), saying that law and order is being obstructed and dismantled.

“Rapes and riots are taking place in Uttar Pradesh, there is jungle raj in UP. Impose President rule in UP as law and order has completely broken down,” Mayawati said.

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