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'Rape room' discovered in local comic book store

Located in Salem, Mass. They reportedly have a 'rape room.'
Located in Salem, Mass. They reportedly have a 'rape room.'
Harrison's Comics

Before you finalize your plans for the upcoming Khans of Tarkir pre-release, you may want to reconsider your plans if they originally included going to Harrison’s Comics in Salem, Mass. In a disturbing turn of events, a former employee, Jennifer Williams, tweeted about her short-lived stint at the comic book and gaming store. According to a series of tweets she published, she was fired for questioning about a room she discovered to be known as a “rape room” that other employees had “joked” about. The room is question was a room located in the back for storage.

Harrison’s quickly took to social media to try to calm the storm of comments that had resulted in the original Tweet. Harrison’s Comics responded that they did not condone that kind of behavior, and that they (the owner) had not been aware that she had been fired. Harrison’s went on to say that Williams was let go because others “[felt] that she wouldn’t work.” Furthermore, that if anyone would like to hear their side of the story, to visit the store in Salem and talk to the owner personally.

This news serves as just another blow to women in gaming. Earlier this week, the Washington Post published an article regarding sexism in “Magic: The Gathering.” The title of the article read, “Growing fantasy-game universe collides with entrenched boys’ club mentality.”

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