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Rape in Oklahoma in 2014: Why the Y is your first best stop

Rape in Oklahoma Summer 2014
YWCA national graphic photoshopped

Oklahoma City Police patrolman accused of multiple acts of sexual violence against multiple women in Northeastern OKC this past week. Some women reported victimization and got no response, some women reported victimization and got a response. This identified attacker is currently jailed on a 5 million dollar bond.

What are survivor choices in any situation of sexual assault?

The YWCA of Oklahoma City provides a 24 hour live answer hotline for sexual assault survivor questions (405) 942-7273 for victims, family or loved ones or even employers or other auxillary related persons to the victim and is probably the best first stop.

This free hotline provides supportive educational answers regarding issue of sexual assault. Trained staff also have access to a full continuum of services such as counseling, hospital accompaniment for a professional and specific type of medical exam for rape survivors, and ongoing case management following a sexual assault both for the survivor of the assault, but also for their loved ones.

This OKC police officer arrest is expected to increase support and service needs specific to this person, but there has reportedly been a rise in sex assault complaints in Oklahoma anyway. Oklahoma policy watchers noted a 15% increase in rape reports across the state from 2011-2013 with no newer numbers available at press time.

Oklahoma also has one of the highest rates of sexual assault of women who are incarcerated in the United States, and one of the highest rates of women incarcerated in the world. Many of those women who report victimization in this report, also prior sexual victimization in one or more episodes. So the victim is also a survivor of prior traumas which may not be limited to sexual assault.

YWCAOKC is the both a CARF and SANE approved provider of sexual assault services in the metro.

Such comprehensive and professional grade service is not widely available in Oklahoma, nor are professional standards of reporting or response to sexual assault. Wonder why? Here is an example

The YWCA offers also a variety of non-crisis educational services, including community group talks, booths at public events and online on Twitter and Facebook. The recently expired but highly effective tri-fold card campaign at 7-11 store ATMs. and bus bench campaign against domestic violence. both brought messages to Oklahomans who might not be electronically savvy or connected.

The YWCA located about 7 miles North of downtown Oklahoma City on 2460 Northwest 39th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112 and is just off the #8 Embark transit line.

YWCA takes donations of time, goods and money to replenish it's resources, shared in general education of protection of human rights and in service to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

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