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Rape in India

It’s beyond human comprehension that women anywhere in the world have to resort to fear of being raped. This is an occurrence that may have been prevalent in the late ages, but it should no longer be a common concern, especially for younger women, anywhere in the world!

But unfortunately it is, especially in New Delhi, India. A woman can be berated by a slew of vulgar curse words aimed at her sexuality followed by unwanted hands groping her. The insane part of these incidents is that they are blamed on the victim.

Police are stepping up efforts to ensure women are safe after the beating and vicious gang rape of a 23-year-old student by not just one, not just two, but six men on a bus! A bus no less! How could this have taken place? Questions abound, but the fact of the matter is that these crimes take place on a daily basis. This incident has sparked days of protests and demands for authorities to do something about this prevalence of sexual violence, and it seems that this just may come to light.

“Police arrested a boy Thursday night, the fifth person detained in connection with the crime, Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar said. Authorities were hunting for the final assailant, he said. Those arrested were being charged with attempted murder in addition to kidnapping and rape.” (

Home Secretary R.K. Singh told reporters Friday that the government is seeking life sentences for these crimes. These crimes are not taken lightly and the violent acts cannot continue to happen. They leave women inconsolable, unable to accomplish those most basic of life circumstances, leaving women afraid to go to work and even more afraid if that job involves working at night.

One woman, Gita Ganeshan who is a 52 year old bank worker moved to New Delhi in order to protect their daughter who studies in the capital city after she was attacked there. Just a morning walking in the park and four men had surrounded her, one groping her breast. The girl had no choice but to continue to scream, which is as good as anything she could have done.

No longer does this student jog in the park alone, and at one point after the assault, she refused to go outdoors for fear of a recurrence of her nightmare. Parents are concerned for the welfare of their children and of course are reluctant to tell their children not to work or pursue an education out of fear of being raped and sexually abused. “Never let your guard down” is a mantra repeated often in the minds of young women in New Delhi, and solid advice which their parents tell them often.

It is certainly a sad state of affairs when these events occur even in broad daylight. Men continue to touch the thigh of a woman on a crowded mini-bus, provoking the women’s anger, but the men simply regard it is a man’s position to do what he wants to do because he can do it. These men often are not reported because the women fear retaliation.
Some women have resorted to carrying safety pins to stab at the abuser, which seems to work or even a jab from an elbow. But it is still an act that could endanger her, even though she is only trying to protect herself. No longer are shorts and skirts worn in public for fear that this will only provoke an attack.

Legislation now states that it will be mandatory for bus drivers to display their identification in their vehicles. Tinting of the windows will be removed as well as the installation of police plainclothesmen. Loitering drunken gangs will also be taken into serious consideration when it comes to these crimes, and they will no longer be tolerated but taken to jail.

To think that a young woman and her companion could not even have a safe ride home on a chartered bus from a Sunday evening movie. The men that gang-raped and beat this woman with iron rods while the bus drove on and on, even past police checkpoints, will surely get what they deserve. Perhaps this will put an end, or at least curtail the sexual violence that women in India receive unprovoked. We can only pray.


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