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Rapala Salt Water Skitter and Pop

You have to use your basic Walking The Dog type retrieve, and make big long casts, and don’t stop the lure. The Skitter Pop makes a sound that really attracts fish, the key to the quiet on the flats. You have to practice and experiment with your retrieve. Enhance your fishing for the big fish with the Rapala Skitter Pop.

Rapala Salt Water Skitter and Pop

If you flog it too hard you will offend the fish

Anglers are heading for the coast to find the kind of saltwater fishing you certainly won’t find fishing inland. The Skitter Pop has an inside rattle, the side to side action means keeping the rod tip moving. For barracuda and the big time jack, means covering the water. It’s a topwater balsa wood fishing dream.

Saltwater duty

Keep the rod tip down to keep the lure from popping out of the water. For trout you may want to pop and pause, pop and pause. There’s nothing like watching the fish come up and gobble that lure. It’s exciting and heart-stopping. When fish are feeding in the top third of the water working the Skitter Pop fast will cause it to make a different high-pitched sound for aggressive strikes from surface feeders.

Saltwater anglers depend on lures that will entice the fish

The Skitter Pop works like a wounded baitfish, they come in many color combinations the fish can’t resist. It’s a powerful fishing tool to have in your fishing arsenal. Hook on.

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