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Ranunculus flower

Carlsbad, Ca Ranunculus at the Flower Field at Carlsbad CA Ranch
Carlsbad, Ca Ranunculus at the Flower Field at Carlsbad CA Ranch
(Photo by Donald Miralle Getty Images)

A soft flower that grows on a tall, sturdy stem embedded with water.

The flower itself grows in layers of pedals and can appear to look like a flower made of paper.

They bloom with a bold flower head. Though their appearance is strong, they are by touch delicate.

They can be purchased in plant form, although they as well can start from a bulb or seed.

Many start them out as bulbs into plants, then grow them into plants for the season.

The other alternative would be buying them as established plants already to reserve for a spot in the landscape area for the season. Being that they are mostly annuals most times (they have been said to be able to survive as a perennial depending on climate), they give all they have in the season that they grow. As they are a choice pick for landscapers, they are a choice pick as cut flower arrangements.

"The Flower Fields" in Carlsbad, California grows these particular flowers a beautiful attraction for many to visit and see.

In El Paso, Texas they are available at the local nursery and at this time while supplies last they are displayed in there outdoor flowers section for the customers at "Albertson's".

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