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Ranting rocker Ted Nugent brings his musical show to Ridgefest in Chicago Ridge

Ted Nugent has a musical gig at Freedom Park in Chicago Ridge, Illinois on Saturday, July 27. The occasion is Chicago Ridge's annual festival, Ridgefest. For Ted Nugent this will be a return performance, according to the Southtown Star. Chicago Ridge Mayor Chuck Tokar, who has been in charge of RidgeFest since its inception in 1989 when he was village clerk, said of Ted Nugent and his act, "This is his third time here in six years. He likes it here. I guess it’s his kind of crowd. He packs the place."

Republican John Raese (L) listens as musician Ted Nugent plays the national anthem during a rally in Charleston, West Virginia. Ted Nugent will bring his right-wing, racist rock and roll show to Chicago Ridge, Illinois for Ridgefest.
(Photo by Randy Snyder/Getty Images)

Yes, apparently, Chicago Ridge is Ted Nugent's kind of place. Ridgefest is Ted Nugent's kind of crowd.

Ted Nugent is known as a ranting, rocker with extreme right-wing political views, in which he embeds Obama-bashing and racism into his musical act. In the thick of the 2012 presidential election, Ted Nugent said in a cryptic pronouncement that “If Barack Obama becomes the next president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year."

Ted Nugent is neither dead nor in jail.

Ted Nugent recently wrote in a column that Trayvon Martin is a "dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe." This from a ranting, rocker who is a "racist thug."

This is all part of the Ted Nugent schtick.

How else can a washed-up musician attract such a large audience?

It can't be the music.

It must be the racist, Obama-bashing, hate-filled ranting.

RidgeFest is held at Freedom Park, located at Birmingham and Oak, two blocks east of 104th Street and Ridgeland Avenue. For more information is at (708) 425-7700

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