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Ranting black man video goes viral

"Result of rioting in Ferguson."
"Result of rioting in Ferguson."

There is one black man who is showing forth his rage and ranting toward his own people in rebuttal to all the lawlessness and rioting in Ferguson. He confronts the actions of these out of control people, and the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Black Man Goes on EPIC Rant Against Ferguson Rioters video on Youtube.

He challenges the people to turn their own lives around and to step up and make changes happen for the good and not wait around for someone else to do it while they rile at the police and the "white man" for all of their woes. He brings out a lot of points that people of all races keep asking themselves.

How in the world do raiding doughnut shops and beauty salons, burning down buildings, and over turning police cars benefit them in any way? How does it make the world for them and others a better place? He honestly asks the question about how we are to teach our black children about the future when they are continually brought back to slavery?

He keeps saying he is sick of it, and you can well believe him as he honestly and sincerely speaks from his heart to the way the nation is looking at his people. He said, "Where is Hollywood when you need them?" He said the last few days in Ferguson looked like "Plant of the Apes, Part three."

He had the nerve to make a video and post in on YouTube in an effort to express his own anger and frustrations toward those who are just making a joke out of the seriousness of what has happened. Al Sharpton gets his due from this gentleman as well when he lists the names of so many others who have been killed by asking, “Where were you?” He said, “No place to be found.”

He quotes several scriptures from the Bible that are poignant and applicable. Hopefully, others will come forth and standup for what is right so that the police can get about their job of investigating the situation and to bring light into exactly what happened that night when Michael Brown was shot and killed by a policeman.

It seems this violent crowd does not care about the truth but just rioting and destroying.

Perhaps this man should be elected to public office – he seems like he could get the job done.

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