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Ranking college basketball conferences by 2014 NCAA Tournament results

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The following is a ranking of the college basketball conferences based upon how each conference's teams did in the 2014 NCAA Tournament. The results are to the Final Four, and as you will see below, it's pretty easy to see which conferences were they best and which were the worst in 2014.

Ranking college basketball conferences by 2014 NCAA Tournament results

  • Best Conferences

1. SEC - 11-1 (.917)

The SEC is clearly the best conference in the 2014 NCAA Tournament, as their teams have gone a combined 11-1. Kentucky and Florida are both in the Final Four, and Tennessee had a great run to the Sweet 16. It's quite possible we will see an all SEC final this year.

2. AAC or American Athletic Conference - 7-3 (.700)

The AAC was shown no respect by the NCAA selection committee, who gave all the AAC teams lower rankings than they deserved and left SMU out of the tournament. The AAC has shoved the selection committee's rankings right back into their faces by going 7-3 overall and having UConn in the Final Four.

By the way, SMU is in the NIT Final Four too.

3. Big Ten - 10-5 (.667)

Big Ten teams have gone 10-5 overall in the 2014 NCAA Tournament, and Wisconsin is in the Final Four.

4. Pac 12 - 8-5 (.615)

Arizona's loss to Wisconsin was disappointing, but overall the Pac 12 teams had a decent 2014 NCAA Tournament.

  • Worst Conferences

1. Big East - 2-4 (.333)

The Big East is now nothing more than a mid-major. Despite having teams ranked #2 and #3 in the 2014 NCAA Tournament, not one Big East team advanced to the Sweet 16. Clearly the selection committee over-ranked the Big East teams and put in a Xavier team that didn't belong.

While SMU is in the NIT Final Four, St. John's from the Big East was given a #1 ranking in the NIT, and then lost badly at home to Robert Morris in the first round. They can still call the conference Big East, but college basketball fans all know the real Big East is long gone.

2. Atlantic 10 - 4-6 (.400)

Dayton saved the Atlantic 10 in the 2014 NCAA Tournament by advancing to the Elite Eight, knocking off Ohio State, Syracuse and Stanford along the way. The rest of the Atlantic 10 was pretty bad, with UMass, George Washington, St. Joe's and VCU all losing in the first round.

3. ACC - 6-6 (.500)

Despite having six teams in the 2014 NCAA Tournament, including a #1 seed and two #3's, not one ACC team advanced to the Elite Eight, let along the Final Four. Just because ESPN keeps saying the ACC is great does not make it true.

4. Big 12 - 6-7 (.462)

The Big 12 is ranked a little ahead of the ACC because it had two teams in the Sweet 16 vs just one team for the ACC. Still, the Big 12 had a very disappointing 2014 NCAA Tournament, and the conference was clearly not the best conference in college basketball this season.