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Ranked Alabama Crimson Tide team visits UAB at Regions Park Wednesday

UAB Blazers
UAB Blazers
University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Top 25 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide come to Hoover on Wednesday to take on UAB at Regions Park. The game starts at 6:30. 

The Blazers play host to Alabama State (6:30 p.m.) on campus Monday before they head to their only "away" home game of the year. As stated, it is a "home" game for the Blazers, which means students still get in free, despite the game being held off-campus.

Alabama enters the contest with a 16-6 record (they also have a game Monday, so expect to see either 17-6 or 16-7). Depending on where you look, they are ranked 23/25. 

UAB holds a 13-8 overall record (will be either 13-9 or 14-8 come game time). The Blazers are not ranked, but are coming off a 2-1 series win against Southern Miss. 

It should be great weather for a baseball game, so whether you pull for the Blazers or the Tide, head out to Regions Park on Wednesday evening to see what will hopefully be a great game. UAB and Alabama don't play each other often in sports other than baseball and softball, so help make it a fun and interesting rivalry by showing your support.

The game may start at 6:30, but if you happen to be a UAB student get their by 6 p.m. for the Gang Green tailgate and grab some free food. You can get tickets by calling 975-UAB1 or checking out the official UAB site. Tickets will also be available at the gate. Click the Regions Park link for directions.


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