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Rangers win cold, sunny shootout over Devils in Yankee Stadium

The New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils played a cold game outside in New York on Jan. 26. Of course, the Rangers and Devils are hardly the only teams who will play in cold weather in the New York area this week. But while the wintery Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks isn't until next Sunday in New Jersey, the Rangers heated up this Sunday with a 7-3 win over the Devils in Yankee Stadium.

Rangers blow out Brodeur, Devils in Yankee Stadium
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Despite the cold temperatures and eventual snow over Yankee Stadium, the most problematic weather of the day came from the sun. It took an hour until sun glares stopped lighting up the ice and made play impossible, yet the Rangers and Devils benefited from the wait after all - or at least their offenses did.

The Devils jumped out first to take a 3-1 lead in the opening period, although the Rangers cut it to 3-2 by intermission. Once the second period started, the bottom fell out for New Jersey and Martin Brodeur, who seemed to get the start mainly for sentimental reasons. Yet the legendary, record-setting goalie is now basically a backup these days, and was treated as such by New York in the second period.

Four second period goals, capped off with one by Rick Nash with just 29 seconds left, chased Brodeur out of the game and put the Devils in too big of a hole. New regular starter Cory Schneider took over, but was beaten on a penalty shot by Derek Stepan.

The Rangers adjusted to the cold and snow before too long, which should give them good practice for an even colder game ahead on Jan. 29. The NHL's "Stadium Series" will continue with a second contest at Yankee Stadium, with the Rangers facing the New York Islanders this time. Yet in this case, the Islanders will face New York's other team in primetime, amidst much lower temperatures.

No one will freak out over such conditions, unlike with the wintery drama ahead at Super Bowl 48 in New Jersey. Of course, the Rangers are playing two outdoor games in the middle of the season, instead of playing for the Stanley Cup. In fact, New York and New Jersey are fighting just to make the playoffs, although the Rangers won the fight against the Devils, the snow and the sun on this day.

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