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Range equipment at the SHOT Show

Guns and ammunition tend to get most of the press coverage at the SHOT Show. But without targets, stands, and other range equipment, there wouldn’t much to shoot at. There were some interesting examples of range equipment at the Show.

Ammo-up brass retriever

Range Systems introduced their new Quik Stand. This is an extremely simple, inexpensive, and portable stand for use with cardboard targets or backers. Its low price and compact design make it possible to have and transport a number of stands for the portable training environment.

For ranges that generate large quantities of brass, Ammo-Up has made some significant improvements to their product line. The basket is now detachable, which makes it easier to pour large quantities of picked up brass into a container. The smallest unit has been reduced in width to 18 inches and fitted with a forward turning wheel for ease of use on indoor ranges.

Action Target had a large display of targets and target systems. They showed the IPSC A-zone steel target designed by Rob Leatham. At the Show, Leatham explained that the main advantage of the swinging A-zone is that it instinctively forces users to shoot better by trying to hit the A-zone instead of area aiming at the whole silhouette.

Do-All Outdoors continues to expand their line of reactive targets for casual shooters. Their Blast Back Pop-Up Targets put a small plate rack within the price range of most shooters. Do-All’s Impact Seal Targets are made of a self healing polymer that will withstand many thousands of rounds and are very inexpensive.

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