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Randy Travis dons his boots for first public appearance since illness

Randy Travis looks well as he steps out for the first time since illness
Randy Travis looks well as he steps out for the first time since illness
Neal McCoy, Randy Travis, Facebook

Randy Travis looks to be recovering well since he suffered heart problems and a stroke last year. On February 7, country singer Neal McCoy posted a new picture of Randy Travis on his Facebook page.

In the post, Neal McCoy said:

Randy Travis and I recently backstage before I went on, at a Smiles For Life concert in Dallas Texas. Pretty honored this was Randy's first time out and his first time to have Cowboy boots on since his illness.
Gettin Better!!!

In the photo, Randy Travis looks as though he may have slimmed down a bit. His face is slightly thinner, but his coloring is good and his eyes bright. This is definitely a good sign after such grave reports last July.

Hopefully Randy Travis being ready to make a public appearance also means he is finding some inner peace as well. Though the singer had gone through a really rough patch following his divorce, he has long been a man of faith. Perhaps this time of recovery has provided some time for emotional and spiritual healing too, and fans can look forward to the return of the Randy Travis they knew and loved for many years.

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