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Randy Quaid's odd lawsuit against bond company involves his squatting arrest

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Randy Quaid is back in the news, he is the older brother of Dennis Quaid, but the two of them are as different as night and day. Randy Quaid is suing the company that posted the bond for both him and his wife when the two were arrested for squatting. The Indianapolis bond company bailed the Quaid’s out back in 2010, and according to Fox News on April 13, he is suing them because they posted the bonds without being asked.

Quaid and his wife acted very bizarre when they were found squatting in a guest house of a home they previously owned. They were accused of causing $5,000 worth of damages to that guest house. The 63-old-actor and his wife were let free from jail on two $50,000 bonds from American Surety. Quaid is now saying he was obliged to pay back bonds that he never asked for, which is why he is suing the company.

According to Chron News, the couple then missed a court date in October of that year and an arrest warrant went out for the two. They were detained in Vancouver by immigration police on that warrant. The Quaid’s excuse for missing that court date is because they were never notified about appearing.

The court documents recently filed by their attorney in this new court case state that the Quaid’s never entered into a written agreement with the bond company and they did not agree to pay any of the sums back to them. They are also suing for lost wages and emotional distress, but how this came about is not disclosed.

This lawsuit seems a bit bizarre after these people bailed the actor and his wife out of jail. They didn't refuse to leave apparently, so you would think they would be grateful. Quaid's odd behaviors of the last few years have left many with their jaws-dropping at times.

Quaid is the older brother of Dennis Quaid and he is best known for his roles in “Independence Day,” and his unforgettable portrayal of the redneck cousin in the Chevy Chase “National Lampoon’s Vacation” series of movies.