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Randy Houser divorce: Country star and wife call it quits

Randy Houser fans are shocked to hear the news today that he is getting a divorce. On Thursday, People reported that Houser and wife Jessa Lee Hantz are calling it quits. The couple got married back in 2011 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. There has never been any reason for fans to think they were anything but happy.

Randy Houser
Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Jessa is a song writer just like Randy. They have a son that is two together. He is there only child. When they got engaged, Randy shared that she was the one person he couldn't live without. Obviously things have changed for this couple. They are asking for privacy during this time and it doesn't look like they plan to speak out about what is going on with their marriage.

TMZ shared that he is actually requesting a restraining order against her because he does not want Jessa to go on vacation with him. He says that he needs a break from her. They had planned a vacation before the split that would be sharing a house. He obviously doesn't want her to go with him now. He wants the judge to order her not to go with him or even show up. It is unknown why she would still want to go but he says he needs the rest and relaxation time away from her. There is no word if their son is going with him or not which could be part of the problem.

It looks like this has been going on for a while but somehow Randy and Jessa were able to keep it quiet and out of the media until now. It is going to be harder for them to keep the information quiet now that everyone knows and will be looking into their relationship. Both have been quiet on Twitter besides a few random retweets that have fans wondering what they are talking about and what is going on with their marriage.

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