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Randomness, determinism and free will

Cosmic Dice
Cosmic Dice
G. E. Ely

Did Ted Williams of Columbus, Ohio "choose" to be born with a melodic tone in his voice perfect for broadcasting, let alone to become homeless and, then again, to be discovered on live TV and receive multiple job offers?

Christina Taylor Green chose to go to Arizona, but did she do so with complete conscious foreknowledge of what would transpire?

With just these two examples in mind, we must ask ourselves, "What is really meant by free will or the power of choice?"

Does a blind man choose to be born blind or truly know what it is to see before his eyes are opened by Divine Grace?

Has anyone attained enlightenment, spirituality, salvation or illumination by their own effort or ability?

Can any person kindle the desire for the Reality of Spirit, or can a hunger for Truth, or a passion for Life, be self-generated?

Do we even stand by choice except by the empowerment of a Supernatural Grace which draws us along this Path?

There are many questions deeply rooted in epistemology which have stumped theologians through the ages and have been a pivotal point for much debate. None are any more perplexing than those which stem from the inextricably linked topics of the Sovereignty of God and Free Will.

While belief in an Absolute, Infinite, All-Powerful and All-Knowing Creator is a cornerstone of most religions, by-in-large, the adherents only pay lip-service to their Almighty Deity while simultaneously entertaining a contrary power that can potentially threaten the Will of God. Whether they call this power Satan, devil, ego, self or carnal mind, the fact remains that their faith is not in an OMNIPOTENT GOD, so long as, something harmful can possibly hinder or thwart the Divine Purpose without God's Knowledge.

Then there is the perspective that, if God is Sovereign, possessing Omniscience and Omnipotence over all events, there would be little, if any, point or significance to mankind's "free will" or alleged power of choice.

How can the two co-exist without negating each other?

It would seem to some, that if the ultimate outcome is predetermined, free will is a moot point. And yet, individual choice is a participation in the unfoldment of Reality. It is an alignment with Divine Purpose that goes beyond the apparently random circumstances of everyday life.

As the Oracle told Neo in 'The Matrix Reloaded', "You didn't come here to make The Choice, you've already made it. You're here to try to understand why you made it."

That is because, just as every occurrence in Time exists within One Moment in the Light of Eternity, so every choice is ultimately contained in One Choice.

Within the Paradox of our daily choices and the apparent randomness of events, there is an actual Order which is present amidst the seeming Chaos. This is the underlying premise of what is known in scientific circles as Chaos Theory.

As Deepak Chopra has suggested, perhaps we could consider Grand Central Station as a small example of this Principle. Every individual there has a predetermined destination, yet to the uninformed observer, this point of convergence can seem like complete confusion.

With respect, much of humanity tends to think in linear terms, which makes grasping the nonlinear impossible to the egoically conditioned mind i.e.."The natural man cannot understand the things of the Spirit, for they are spiritually discerned." 1 Corinthians 2:14

In his book, Power vs. Force, Dr. David R. Hawkins explains that nonlinear "attractor patterns" and "morpho-genetic fields" are perpetually precipitating linear propensities and inclinations. While we perceive a sequential reality and events appear to happen as a result of chronological cause and effect to our perception, in nonlinear dynamics and quantum physics, an effect can actually precede a cause, which in essence, renders all sense of linear causality illusory.

So while at first they may seem like irreconcilable concepts, Determinism and Randomness work together like two sides of a multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. Our choices serve to assemble the puzzle pieces of an already complete work of Art which is fragmented only by Unconscious perception.

Envision an Absolute, Timeless, Changeless Reality as the canvas upon which a relative, finite, mutable reality is painted. Without our participation and involvement in this expression of the Divine Essence, our existence would be like an empty landscape on the page of Life. The actualization or manifestation of "God's Will" is a result of the alignment of those perfectly blended colors within Our Being emanating from the unmanifest into the realm of form.

In an Awareness of this Perfect Creation, which exists beyond the confines of our limited linear perception, we can rest in the Omnipresent Reality of Divine Order which governs the Universe.

Can any perceived choice we make alter the unfoldment of Divine Reality?

Is there ultimately any significant difference between man's will and the fulfillment of God's Will?

Jesus said, "I and my Father are One," and furthermore prayed in John 17, "Keep them in Your Name, which you have given me, that they may be One, even as we are One."

For the realization of the Master's prayer "Thy Will be done in earth as it is in heaven," IS revealed in and through those living in a Conscious Awareness of Oneness with God.

For "In Him we live and move and have Our Being." - Acts 17:28


  • john 4 years ago

    Bro. Joe,
    I must that what was so profoundly said by you in such extravagant words to satisfy the god of intellectualism in some, was also simplified with your choice of scripture to those who are beyond that realm. Either way, the outreach of the Spirit extends to all.
    The human race has no free will until it is given a choice, and there is no choice for the one born blind from birth. The human race is the offspring of Adam who chose the tree of the knowledge of good and evil(religion). Jesus was born in Bethlehem, not Jerusalem.
    Yet our first birth is within the confines of religion . It is amazing how religion is against abortion, yet, new converts are aborted in religion from the ultimate desire of God for His people, Be ye perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect. (Matthew 5:48).
    I could go on and on but suffice it to say that all things came out of God and all things are returning unto Him. Each man in his own order.

  • Profile picture of Joseph Murawski
    Joseph Murawski 4 years ago

    Thanks John,
    Unfortunately the household of faith has been regarded as unlearned, ignorant and merely subject to blind faith and the empty traditions of our forefathers by the scientific community for many years.

    The time has finally come when spiritual realities are now being confirmed and validated by scientific observance and phenomena.

    As well, the corporate confirmation present within every culture regarding the core beliefs embraced through the ages is an intellectual validation of the Truth to which both our Objective and Subjective Consciousness attest.

    The "pure language" of Spirit which is being communicated across cultural, religious and scientific boundaries will undo the confusion which has imprisoned humanity in a proverbial Babylon.

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