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Random Thought and Process

The one thing I have been hearing all over the sports media world the past few days is...nothing. These people talk and speculate non-stop about where Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony will end up during this free agency period. They have virtually no clue what is actually going to happen. There was one analyst, not mentioning names, that sounded off about 6-7 teams that were possible landing spots for Lebron. Well, you might as well have just said "he will end up on a team somewhere.", because you just named about a fourth of the league as a possibility.

This brings me to my next point: I hate Twitter. All reporters do on this site is read and sometimes source other people's tweets, that may or may not be true. There can be some complete and utter nonsense from a random guy sitting with his cats all day eating cinnamon sticks and they wouldn't know the difference. Everyone is a self described guru behind a computer screen sporting the handle, "TheGiver".

Nobody really knows if these people know anything. They are not writers. They sit and speculate the same topics everyday of the week. What do you have to write about? Where you think someone else might end up as opposed to your last spectacle you were wrong about? I just makes me angry that these people have jobs just paying attention to a decaying sport, that they could be trying to write about and scrutinize for many things, and they just troll Twitter looking for just random things to say to spark people's interest in their feed.

If I had one wish, it would be to just end all social media and create literal live forums where people can gather to talk about random things and call each other out on nonsense that is said. If you can't source something truly and actually hold a conversation, the forum is not the place for you. Lets go back to just normal conversations. Not only in the sports world, but everywhere and everything.

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