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Random, aka Mega-Ran - a hero for our times

Mega Ran UK Blastoff

Call him Random, call him Mega-Ran, call him by his government - as long as the oft-touring MC is in your town, you're due for a great show. Ran has collaborated with too many to list here, and has spawned countless of musicians of all stripes: inspiring them to pursue their passions (some call them 'nerds'.)

Mega-Ran is on tour. Maybe not at the very moment that you're reading this, or maybe so, but each day seems to bring another date in some far off town, either here in the States or abroad. Featuring a facebook feed littered with pictures and videos from shows, as well as cred building shots of exclusive toys 'n tings from all over the globe, Random lives the nerd high life - and why not ? For someone as dedicated to adding to culture as well as consuming it, Random richly deserves to bask in his dreams. A wikipedia with dozens of features, albums, and credits all over TV and film continue to add to the legacy.

Random will be kicking off a recently booked U.K. tour in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, his adopted hometown of Phoenix will be seeing him off in royal (see what I did there) fashion with a farewell show at the So Lounge in Glendale. Featuring Jay Mane, Streets, Richie Trevino, Stat, & Ali Tomineek, this show is guaranteed to give you your recommended dosage of hiphop - not hip pop, not g@ng$t@, not rhythm & bull$h!t, but straight no chaser rap music with heart, soul, and brains.

Check out this link: for more info and tickets to the Mega Ran U.K. Blastoff !

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