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Random Acts of Kindness by the Miami Heat #HEATKINDNESS

Carol Lent - Travel Examiner, PilotRon

Kindness is Contagious, that's what it says on the card the Miami Heat gave my younger brother, Ron, yesterday as they treated him to breakfast at his local McDonald's restaurant. This, to me sounded a bit far fetched... what did he mean the Miami Heat treated him to breakfast? Well, to mu surprise, little brother kept a card given to him from the Heat representatives. It says "KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS" #HEATKINDNESS. I believe that the Miami Heat have a super warm heart.

These acts of kindness are inspired by Patrick Morgan, a cleaning service worker at Ft. Lauderdale-Holywood International Airport, who spotted an abandoned iPad on a bench next to an airport bar. The iPad had $13,000 in it's case and Morgan turned it in immediately.

"I opened it first, and I saw all the money, and I quickly closed it back up" says Morgan.
When a distraught owner returned to the bar for the iPad, Patrick told him where to find it. The owner of the iPad was so grateful for this act of kindness that in turn, he gave Morgan a $60 reward, which he passed on to a homeless woman and a struggling cleaning employee.

That level of honesty, integrity and kindness paid off for Morgan who was honored in a recognition ceremony hosted by Broward County Aviation Department and his employer, Sunshine Cleaning Systems. He was awarded with a plaque and $625, equivalent of a week of a paid vacation. This time, Morgan says he will be keeping the money.

The Miami HEAT continued honoring Morgan's act of kindness as part of the Random Acts of HEAT, presented by KIA.
According to Morgan, the bottom line is doing kindness without seeking for a return, and that's "just a good feeling".
As for the HEAT's Random Acts of Heat, my brother says it shows that the Heat care. Ron has always been a Heat fan, but is more likely to watch the Heat games now that he sees their heart towards their fans and Miami locals.

Just keep in mind, next time you visit Miami, you might be rewarded with HeatKindness.

Until Next Time - HAPPY TRAVELS!

Carol Lent

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