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Random Acts of Anarchy Day

  Anarchy is constantly within and around us, if we care to look.  (Sweet!)
  Comic from xkcd.  Click to enlarge.

Colleague and Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner Kent McManigal was who first introduced me to the "random acts of anarchy" concept, and I'd like to call attention to his Random Acts of Anarchy Day project.

Choose something that needs to be done, then wear something (as innoffensive to the tyranny-blinded as possible) to indicate your anarchistic philosophy. Perhaps you could work under a Gadsden or Time's Up flag. For your Random Act of Anarchy, I would suggest such acts as picking up trash in a local park, without asking for permission. Or buying a meal for a needy family, without asking government's permission. Fill an elderly man's gas tank, without waiting for someone else to do it. Repair a piece of playground equipment, without waiting for permission from the bureaucrats. See a pattern? Helpful. Public. Self governing. Responsible.

Naturally, with my feeble scheduling abilities, I did not manage to see this coming in time (it's the 18th now), so I suppose I'll have to be an anarchist among anarchists and make my contributions on some other day...which, I suppose, in some ways actually feels rather "right".  :-)  

What I'm happy to do is to refer back to Kent's concept for celebrating it.  This is a great idea, and it's actually something that many of us do anonymously, on a really small scale, all the time.

And I've got a bit of an idea for the weekend already...


  • MamaLiberty 5 years ago

    EVERY day is "anarchy day" for me. Every day that you take care of yourself, are a good neighbor, and avoid making use of things provided by government (paid for with stolen goods) as much as possible, is a good anarchist day.

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