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Rand Paul: Low-Life Opportunist

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I have "unliked" Rand Paul's Facebook page, and I am disassociating myself from his presidential campaign efforts because he has exposed himself an opportunistic jerk for throwing Ted Cruz under the bus. Up until now, I had been including Paul as a potential president, along with Cruz, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio.

Cruz, in his recent speech at the CPAC conference, spoke the truth about RINOs Dole, McCain and Romney, in saying that they lacked conservative principles in their campaigns for president, and that's why they lost. See: Any Republican who hasn't come to that conclusion is either self-delusional, stupid, or intellectually dishonest.

Rand Paul, responding to Cruz's remarks, then attacked Cruz in an editorial and on the Sunday news shows (without naming him). This blatantly opportunistic and savage attack perpetrated by Rand Paul will eliminate him as a potential presidential candidate. Here is Paul's response to a question from Chris Wallace, in answering which, Paul stabs Cruz in the back instead of standing up for conservative principles:

When asked by Chris Wallace in an interview on Fox whether Paul agreed with Cruz's remarks criticising War heroes McCain and Dole, Paul responded by attacking Cruz for telling the truth about the RINOs. Cruz was right to criticise Dole, Romney and McCain (what he said was that "we don't remember President Dole, President McCain or President Romney, because they did not run campaigns based on conservative principles". This is such an obvious truth that even an opportunist like Paul should recognize it.

Is it Paul's position that because someone is a true war hero, that they cannot then thereafter be criticised for their political acts? Go to hell, Rand Paul.

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