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Rand Paul: If Putin is going to act rogue, he will be isolated

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Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has tough words for Russian President Vladimir Putin and his annexing of Crimea, The Daily Caller reports today. The expected 2016 presidential candidate, talking like he is president, said about Putin and the crisis in Ukraine, “If he's going to act like a rogue nation, he will be isolated.”

Senator Paul was talking to Fox News' Greta van Susteran at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), after his speech there last Friday, when he was asked what he would do about Putin's handling of the Ukraine crisis if elected president of the United States. Rand Paul is often criticized for favoring a limited foreign policy role for the U.S., that some who favor a more active foreign policy would call “isolationist.”

“We have to tell (Putin) that his behavior is unacceptable. He needs to be isolated,” Paul told van Susteran, “And if he's going to act like a rogue nation, he will be isolated. I don't think that involves a military option, and I think that most of the party has come to my way of thinking on this and there really isn't a military option for us there. That doesn't means that we don't react and that we don't let Putin know in clear and uncertain terms that what he's done is unacceptable.”

Paul and others are concerned that Putin may be interending to occupy Ukraine and will meet resistance from the people there. The crisis might lead to a civil war in the area that could last for years.

“So they're not going to submit to the will of Russia,” Paul said, “They're not going to submit to subjugation. So I think this hand is not yet over.”

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