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Rand Paul Attacks National Security Agency

Rand Paul Attacks National Security Agency
Rand Paul Attacks National Security Agency

Rand Paul is trying to pull together his libertarian form of conservatism to audiences in a possible attempt for a run at the White House. Speaking in Berkeley, California Paul attacked the NSA and its eavesdropping practices. He compared them to the 1960's when J. Edgar Hoover was caught spying on Martin Luther King. He goes on to speak about how Barack Obama the first black American president would allow such activities to take place.

All Rand Paul has done is once again bring the race card into another political situation. Paul's thinking for the speech was to try and show that he was here for the rights of the people, and that it is wrong for any government agency to listen in on our cell phone conversations.

Speaking at one of the most liberal of colleges in the country, Paul wanted to incite the young people to come over to his way of thinking. That we are an equal rights for of government and that for Obama to allow this way of working within the NSA is not only unconstitutional but against the law.

Rand comparing Hoover to Obama has got to be one of the worst comparison's he could have used. First off the idea of bringing the race card into the conversation was wrong. Second, Hoover was only looking out for Hoover and when he did find out things he would use them over someones head to get favors for himself. Obama has at least in part not have been aware of all that the NSA has been involved in. The NSA has been given a mission but has always taken that mission to the extreme.

If Paul thinks that this is the way to the White House then he might want rethink his strategy for all this is going to get him is into the poor house. Then again nobody has ever said that Rand Paul is thinking on all cylinders and that he may have a screw loose somewhere. More to come I'm sure.