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Rancho Bernardo Inn

deTraci Regula

The Rancho Bernardo Inn is one of San Diego's enduring luxury hotel environments, still engaging the affection of longtime guests as it continues to charm new ones ... It reaches back into Old California's past for a low-silhouette look that recalls the adobe ranchos of the 1800s - adorned with newer amenities, of course.

The restaurant AVANT (yes, all caps) provides California cuisine. Keeping up with the "Avant" theme - the word means "Forward!" the restaurant also describes itself as forward-thinking. So don't expect the usual - while some of the offerings can qualify as comfort foods, they won't exactly be the plump-grandma kind of cooking, at least until "retro" takes on a new meaning of "forward".

For Mother's Day 2014, AVANT is providing a three-course "Hints of Chocolate" prix fixe menu which begins with a choice of salads, one of which combines warm lobster with cocoa beans, heirloom carrots, curry, and arugula. ( Um ... is this a message of love for Mom or a challenge over a traumatic childhood? The answer will lie on the plate. ) The remaining chocoloate-friendly choices include a roasted lamb sirloin with a mole sauce and a dark chocolate ganache for dessert. You can see the complete menu here.

Rancho Bernardo Inn


17550 Bernardo Oaks Drive
San Diego, CA 92128