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Rancher water stations: Not about immigration politics, it's about saving lives

A rancher wants to save lives: He offers water stations to illegal immigrants passing through his land to reach for the American dream.
A rancher wants to save lives: He offers water stations to illegal immigrants passing through his land to reach for the American dream.
NBC 5 News screenshot

When a Texan rancher set up water stations on his property for the illegal immigrants crossing the U.S. - Mexican border, he wasn’t making a statement about immigration, he was trying to save lives. This is what Lavoyger Durham told the media when they got wind of the water stations he put on his property. This rancher is offering water to humans, not “illegals,” crossing through his property on their journey from Mexico to the U.S, according to NBC News On July 8.

Durham owns 13,000 acres located just 30 miles from a drop-off point for Mexican immigrants along the Mexican border. Last week Durham found two bodies on his property. In all, he has found seven dead immigrants on his land since 2011. This is not alright, there is something very wrong with this.

To the best of his knowledge these people died of dehydration, exposure and heat exhaustion. Durham feels that water could help save their lives, so he wants to help and supply water stations. Arizona offers water stations along their border and now land owners in southern Texas are looking to this model, according to NewsMax today.

People want to reduce the number of deaths that they’ve been experiencing in their counties. No matter what is going on with the borders, it is just not alright to walk out your back door and find people dead of dehydration when there’s an abundance of water available.

Not all ranchers are valuing human life over curbing the immigration crisis in this country. Some of the ranchers are dead against allowing the immigrants to take so much as a sip from the water on their property.

One of the ranchers in the area, Mike Vickers said “the only way I would allow them to put those jugs on my property is if Border Patrol were going to be allowed to put a camera on the water source and be able to intercept these people utilizing them.” It sounds as if the only way Vickers will see immigrants drink water on his property is if the water barrels are set out as bait to catch them.

The immigration crisis is one of the top problems facing this administration today. Some believe it is the misunderstanding of the immigration laws that are bringing people from Central America to the U.S. border. Whatever the reason and although it is a crisis, these are people, people dying without water.

Is it better to show your patriotic side by discouraging the immigrants by restricting the use of your water only for American citizens? Or is it better to act on your morals and save as many of these human beings as you possibly can just by allowing them to drink some water from your property?

It is only water, something that the Earth offers up to every living thing. There's plenty to go around and letting people die is not what protesting immigration laws should look like.

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