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Rana pasta and wine win gold medal

Cheer for Team Rana
Cheer for Team Rana
Julia Hollister

Rana pasta and sauces from Italy are the perfect warm, rousing and delicious menu for watching the Olympics.

It is a global call for pairing with interesting wine too.

This menu – “Olympic Rings of Pasta” – opens a challenge with a dish of every color of the global competition.

The spinach and ricotta ravioli (green and white) smothered with a rich Bolognese sauce was the perfect dish to share the podium with a spicy sangiovese. (Other sauces include pesto and marinara.) The selection did not overpower the delicate combination in the little pasta pillows. You won’t have to wait for supper. The pasta and the sauces are done in about five minutes.

The Verona-based artisanal company creates a line of 13 filled and flat fresh pasta and four sauces. The products are available at Safeway stores through out California.

To symbolize the blue ring try sprinkling crumbled gorgonzola on Rana chicken rosemary ravioli tossed with garlic and caramelized onion. Pour chilled glasses of unoaked chardonnay to bring out the poultry and spice bouquet.

Two elite members of the Northern California Wine Panel prepared Rana ravioli with mushrooms and cheese then sauced it three ways.

“We tossed some of the pasta with olive oil and butter, others with Alfredo sauce and the remainder with marinara,” a male panelist said. “It was absolutely delicious and stood up nicely with the sauce choices. We are big cab drinkers so the obvious choice for pairing was a cabernet. It was a great choice with the raviolis.”

A female panelist had other wines she thought would be nice with the pasta.

“I think an oaked chardonnay would be lovely with the Alfredo sauce and a sauvignon blanc would be delicious along side the olive oil and butter-sauced raviolis.”

Both agreed the pasta and the sauces tasted like homemade.

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