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Rams' quarterback vacancy brings Tim Tebow's name to the table

Quarterback Tim Tebow, throwing one of his last NFL passes when with New England, could soon make a move to St. Louis.
Quarterback Tim Tebow, throwing one of his last NFL passes when with New England, could soon make a move to St. Louis.Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

When a team loses an important player such as a starting quarterback, the discussion starts amongst the team’s brass to figure out a replacement; in the case of the St. Louis Rams, Tim Tebow may very well be that replacement. With Sam Bradford out for another season yet again, the Rams are headed for another top-ten draft pick if they can’t obtain the firepower needed to have it out with their division rivals.

While the Rams are officially in need of a quarterback reboot as of Sunday, signing Tebow is merely a rumor at this point. The team had the chance to trade for the outspoken quarterback in 2012 and could have signed him as a free agent a year later, though neither scenario ever came into fruition. If Tebow proved anything during his short time in the NFL it was that he was a bad quarterback that was good at winning. How else could a team win with the quarterback completing only two passes for an entire game? Perhaps he had a higher power on his side, though he was effective nevertheless.

The Rams’ franchise hasn’t seen a winning season since 2003. Since Shaun Hill is next in line for the team’s starting quarterback job, it doesn’t seem at all like the Rams will change to their winning ways this year. In the ever-competitive NFC West, St. Louis needs some offensive weapons to combat the 49ers, Seahawks and Cardinals. Tebow would be a great compliment to playmakers such as Tayvon Austin and Tre Mason to throw to (assuming he can even make accurate passes) with Zach Stacy spearheading the ground attack.

Tebow hasn’t played a snap since the 2012 preseason with New England, putting his NFL career on standby and becoming a college football analyst for ESPN. With Mark Sanchez removing himself from Bradford’s vacancy, it makes the likelihood of Tebow joining the Rams all the greater. The Rams have already handled the publicity of the first openly gay NFL player pretty well, seems like Tebow could keep the Rams’ locker room distraction free as well.