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Rams are offering a $100K contest prize

The St. Louis Rams cheerleaders performing.
The St. Louis Rams cheerleaders performing.
Scott Heavey/Getty Images

The St. Louis Rams have decided to offer some new excitement to fans with the offer of a large prize for winning a contest. The Rams have announced that any person who can guess their 2014 schedule with complete accuracy will win $100,000 reports ESPN on April 15, 2014. To win this prize the participant must accurately hit on all aspects of the schedule, including each week's opponent, location, the exact date of the game and the date of the bye week.

This contest is limited to those who are 18 or older with a limit of one entry per person. If you want to participate you can enter at the team's website. The Rams have set a deadline of April 21 at 5:59 p.m. ET for all entries. Rams vice president of marketing Brian Killingsworth has said the team is excited to offer fans this unique opportunity to win $100,000.

Their first ever "Guess Our Games" challenge has been offered by the St. Louis Rams reports 14U News. Fans have a chance to win $100,000 if they can correctly predict all 17 weeks of the 2014 regular season schedule for the Rams. If there is more than one fan who gets the entire schedule correct there will be a trivia contest in order to determine the ultimate "Guess Our Games" challenge winner.

Only one winner will be allowed in the contest with only one entry per person. Jim Thomas of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has reported that the minimum age for each of the contestants is 18. Killingsworth says the contest is intended to spice up the release of the actual regular-season schedule. In an associated development the Buffalo Bills are offering free lifetime season tickets to any lucky contestant who can predict their own schedule in 2014. This sets the stage for a really exciting football season to come.