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Ramona to build basketball court at park

Basketball will soon be left out of park visitor plans at the Ramona park between E Street and G Street.
Basketball will soon be left out of park visitor plans at the Ramona park between E Street and G Street.
Adam Benjamin

Ramona has not finished building its Collier Park first built after the community agreed on the park plan in 1994. A basketball court will be the rural community's latest park build work.

The county board of supervisors agreed to fud the court the Ramona Community Planning Group voted to give to the Ramona community last November.

Park improvements have not been minor during the years the community worked on funding the park plan. A BOys & Girls CLub was built. Locals got a soccer field, and, new pedestrian walkways. EVen a new playground helped Ramona make good on its park building plan.

Collier Park has two tennis courts. Locals keep up their health habits using the south court. It is well used. Ramona recently fixed up the old court.

The old north tennis court stays underutilized. Ramona community locals, in a community that stood behind the 1994 park build plan locals helped make, decided the 8.5 acre park does not have all the exercise facilities they can use to stay active. And, decided it is time to put in a basketball court.

The 70,620 dollars in dedicated park funds makes the recreation additio possible.

Workers will build the new court starting in Fall this year. Most the funding will pay for court construction. It will be the only basketball court in the park. And, in the vicinity.

Locals will have a court to play basketball on in Spring of 2015.

Park planners will move ahead on their plan to build the park facilities the local families need to take the opportunities they can take to live healthy. Communities short on the facilities they can make part of their life can not fill out the community's active lifestyle plans. Outdoor recreation stays popular in the Ramona community. Parks and Recreation Department staff will keep the basketball court open to the public, and keep it in playing condition.

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