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Ramona Singer is a business savvy housewife but she makes a poor house guest!

Ramona Singer
Ramona Singer
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On a recent episode of 'The Real Housewives of New York City', we get to experience what Ramona Singer would be like as a house guest.

As the episode unfolds, Heather Thomson graciously offers to host a weekend getaway for the girls at her modest Berkshire vacation house; a far cry from the Hamptons. Ramona accepted her invitation and immediately starts complaining about how no one ever goes to the Berkshires, and she prefers to vacation in luxury, aka the Hamptons.

Immediately upon arriving at Heather's abode, Ramona insults her by pointing at her house and asking her if that is the garage or is that her home, knowing full well that it was indeed her house. Heather took her comment in stride and showed her what a gracious host she was by carrying Ramona's luggage to the front door. Un-phased by Heather's hospitality, Ramona continues complaining as she enters the house, criticizing and grumbling about the obvious lack of air conditioning. Singer is so out of touch that she orders an air-conditioning unit to be delivered to Heather's home just so she could be more comfortable for the rest of her stay. Clearly, this stunt is an insult to Heather's generosity and makes Ramona look foolish and ungracious. Ramona's next grievance came when she was told she had to carry her own canoe down to the lake for a day of absurd!

Next time Ramona, remember:

“The good guest is almost invisible, enjoying him or herself, communing with fellow guests, and, most of all, enjoying the generous hospitality of the hosts" - Unknown