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Ramona Singer faked her meltdown in the Berkshires to spy on Mario Singer

Ramona Singer faked her meltdown in the Berkshires to spy on Mario Singer
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Ramona Singer left the girls only weekend hosted by co-star Heather Thomson at her home in the Berkshires claiming that being there reminded her of the abuse her father imposed on her mother when she was a child. While waking in the woods with Carole Radziwill, Singer seemed to have a complete meltdown.

But according to a report on Friday, May 16, Ramona Singer had planned on leaving the Berkshires before she even arrived. A source revealed that Singer was not happy that her husband Mario was ecstatic that she would not be around that weekend. On camera he even thanked Thomson for spiriting his wife away.

Suspicious that Mario was cheating on her, Ramona set up her exit via a friend’s private plane. To add insult to injury Singer did not tell her best friend and co-star Sonja Morgan that she was leaving. And because Ramona did not want Bravo to catch the drama on-camera, she said that there was no room on the small private plan for a film crew.

Rumors of Mario Singer’s infidelity started before filming began for the sixth season of “The Real Housewives of New York.” Ramona Singer wanted to avoid having Mario’s affair with Kasey Dexter exposed. Ramona Singer then faked a meltdown in the Berkshires, had the private plane already arranged and left the Bravo film crew in the dust all to avoid having the drama caught on tape and exposed on the show.

Sources say another clue is that Ramona went for a blowout of her hair before leaving for the Berkshires. Singer complained about the heat and humidity before she even got to Heather Thomson’s Berkshire home. She even called to order air conditioning for the house before she, Sonja Morgan and LuAnn de Lesseps arrived.

The incident with new comer Kristen Taekman splashing water on Ramon while the ladies were out on the lake in canoes was just an excuse for Ramona to complain yet again. Whether or not Kristen splashed water on her, Ramona’s blowout was going to be ruined by the humidity in the Berkshires. Said the source, “Ramona plotted her escape way before she left New York with every intention of bolting to secretly spy on her husband.”