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Ramona Singer denies allegations that she abandoned her dying mother

Ramona Singer
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Ramona Singer's brother is making some pretty harsh allegations against her at the moment. On April 10, Starcasm shared how Ramona says that it is not true at all that she abandoned her dying mother. Bohdan Mazur says that Singer was not there for their mom but she thinks he is just trying to sell his new book.

Bohdan's new book is called "Aspen, Snow, Blow and Bo." Right now he is working hard on promoting it and trying to get it out to the world. He spoke to Radar Online to try and promote the book but he also said some pretty terrible things about his sister in this conversation with the website.

Ramona's mother Veronika Mazur was battling cancer. She considers her the most important person in her life ever regardless of what her brother is trying to say. Her brother is trying to say that Ramona actually never even visited their mother while she was on her death bed. Ramona said this isn't true at all and she was even the one who took her mother of the medicine that was making her sick so she could enjoy life before she passed away. She helped her out by finding someone who does alternative medicine to make things easier on her.

Singer even went as far as to move her mother to New York City so that she could be closer to her. This reality TV star was the one who got meals for her mom and did everything for her to make sure she was comfortable. She feels like her brother is trying to sell his books by making up false accusations against her and she is obviously very disappointed about it.

Don't miss Ramona Singer on Tuesday nights in new episodes of "The Real Housewives of New York" on Bravo. This season has been full of drama.

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