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Ramming Speed on writing sessions, International tours and more!

RAmming Speed
RAmming Speed
Aquarian Article

Ramming Speed are a five-piece thrash metal band from Boston, MA that now resides in Virginia that released their new album a few months ago. In the past, they’ve worked with labels such as Tank Crimes and Brutal Panda Records, but on their latest effort, Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die, they released it through Prosthetic Records.

I got a chance to speak with Ramming Speed drummer Jonah Livingston and singer Pete Gallagher before their CMJ Metal Insider performance at Club Europa in Brooklyn.

With the new songs that you getting ready for with your next album, will most of them be newer songs, or from the same writing period as Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die?

Jonah Livingston

They are pretty much all newer songs from the past 6 months. We didn’t have anything left over from the last record. We wrote enough songs, we played them ‘til we loved them, and then we recorded them. Nothing was left over.

Your new album Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die has been out for a few months now, Can you explain what a typical promotional cycle is like for a band with a new album?


I think for bigger bands, it is more of a ridged structure, for a band like us, it’s touring your dick off, and when someone wants to talk to you, you talk to them. We are just going to keep touring and doing interviews and hanging out until it’s time to record the next one for the next 5 years and hang out in your swimming pool. We don’t have that luxury. We chose to be in a band that is trying hard to hit it hard. Alright, we are going to put out a record every year.

Pete Gallagher

We haven’t been able to figure out what typical is.


Bigger bands, like if you are Megadeth, you put out a record like every five or six years. You have a cycle, you have a manager that tells you what to do every day for six months and then you get to go home and play with your kid and your dog and hang out in your swimming pool. We are going to do interviews, record albums, and do all the internet stuff.

Now when does the topic of going on tour internationally come into play with a promotional cycle?


With a real band four months in is the best time to hit Germany, but Spain needs another two months. With a band like us, when someone wants us to play there, and when can we afford plane tickets. It’s more real life kind of stuff.

What type of advice would you have for bands who like to drink at shows? Is it possible to bring in your booze to save money on tour?

JL Wear vests. Don’t drink too much before you play. Don’t drink too much after you play. If you are the kind of guy that gets weird and violent when you drink stop drinking, you are going to ruin your band for everyone. If you are the type of guy that gets really fun when you drink, then drink all the booze, but only drive the van only once in awhile. Have a DD (Designated Driver) Don’t drink drunk, that’s fucking retarded. That’s a good way to kill your band. Draw straws to see who drives. Denim Vests, dollar nips. Hypothetically if I was going to sneak booze into the venue, I would do it in a purple Gatorade bottle.

On nationwide tours what kind of provisions should bands bring for themselves in terms of water, alcohol, food?


We go to the supermarket once a week. Peanut Butter, and Siracha on tortillas is killer. Cold beans on a tortilla, sprinkle some cheese, and some hot sauce. Go to the gas station or super market and get some string cheese, get a can of refried beans, and put that on your tortillas. Get some chips, get some tortillas. The bottom line is don’t waste your money, don’t eat at TGIF. I think a lot of bands complain about being broke all the time, while they are getting paid healthy guarantees. Stop spending money on everything. Live like you are a homeless person. Drink bum wine. Drink cheap, eat cheap, when you are really going insane, treat yourself. There are both sides of it.

This contains the parts of my interview with Ramming Speed that never made it into the Aquarian.

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