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‘Rambo’ shooter injures six in FedEx warehouse before killing himself

Employees reporting to work on the morning of April 29 at a FedEx warehouse outside of Atlanta were turned away from a facility on lockdown after an employee there brandishing a rifle with bullets wrapped around his chest in “Rambo” fashion began shooting at those unfortunate enough to already be in the building. The alleged shooter turned the rifle on himself in an apparent suicide, but only after injuring six other FedEx employees – three critically.

One FedEx employee said she heard the “clink” sound of a knife hitting the ground. She turned to see the suspect dressed all in black with bullets strapped to his chest.
New Station Nation / YouTube

As of this writing, the suspect hasn’t yet been identified by name. One FedEx employee described the man as a 19-year-old package handler or loader at the facility. The alleged shooter appeared in the warehouse dressed all in black and firing his weapon around 5:54 a.m., according to USA Today. A spokesperson for the Cobb County Police Department, Sgt. Dana Pierce, said they found the suspect near the loading dock, “dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.”

Liza Aiken, a FedEx employee that knew the suspect from work, said she was already on the job this morning when she saw the suspect – after hearing the clinking sound of his knife hitting the floor. Aiken described the suspect as a “good worker”, “quiet and friendly”, and also one who at times seemed like “an immature boy.”

"He had an assault rifle. He had bullets strapped to his chest like Rambo," Aiken said. "I mean he looked like he was heading into war. As soon as I saw him, I ran the other way. I ran and made sure that people upstairs were gone. He was in all black. I think he had a camo vest."

Aiken also said she had recently been involved in an incident with the suspect who reportedly wouldn’t stop shining a laser light in her eyes. She reported that incident to her supervisor and hoped it didn’t have anything to do with the suspect’s shooting rampage.

ABC News reported that of those injured, three shooting victims are listed as being in critical condition, with two of the other victims in surgery. A spokesperson for the hospital said that two of those victims, a 28-year-old man and a 52-year-old woman, sustained "life threatening" injuries.

“More than 100 officers from Cobb County, the Atlanta Police Department, the GBI, the ATF and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security” surrounded the FedEx building and swept the building looking for any secondary devices the suspect may have left behind in the warehouse. Police dogs were also called in to help with the search. Authorities said that the suspect’s home and car would also be searched.

The suspected shooter was found shot dead around 9 a.m. His weapon was found next to his body. For more on the FedEx shootings, see the video accompanying this article.

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