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Ramah cemetery, desolation in retrospect.

The road out of town
The road out of town
J. Bauer

40 miles out from the Springs toward Limon, the little town of Ramah ( last census was 117 people) sits as a true ghost town. The railroad that once connected it to Colorado springs has long since ceased and fallen into ruin. Many of the bridges connecting the raised track are fallen in and crumbling.

The town has gone bust, mostly due to this disconnection, and many of her old homes and famsteads, even the old general store still equipped with many goods still on her shelves, sit untouched and empty, crumbling away slowly in the dry Colorado air.

Years of snows have caved in some of the older roofs. Only stone walls are left standing or timber structures lean widely into the winds that whip through this section of the state, sometimes in hurricane force.

A twister is not rare out here and trees are far and few, this time of year their bare arms lean over Ramah cemetery like elderly protective hands.

A few remnants of the people here remain as well. stories are rare but a few about and old badger or skunk woman have circulated and center on Ramah. She has been seen throwing rocks into Antelope creek in the early morning before light stretches beams over the land. Occasionally a driver has seen her image as a passenger in their rearview mirror and caused not a few cars to careen off the road. Certain old houses claim to have her as a resident seen sitting in the old chairs and gone the next instant. extra large badgers or skunks have chased residents down the dusty streets and are attributed to her 'other' form. Even the typical youth stories like bloody Mary have been changed to be her badger like reflection staring back at you.

It is easy to see, looking at the high plains surrounding the little town (elev. 6,500 ft) how a person could go missing and remain unnoticed and unmissed for years out here. And maybe not even notice that they have long since passed over into the realm of ghosts of Colorado.


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