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Ralph Waite will be honored by 'NCIS' during finale

Fans of NCIS just received the news they have been waiting for on Monday afternoon. According to various media reports including Entertainment Weekly the show is planning to address the death of Ralph Waite during the series finale. On Monday afternoon, USA Today confirmed the same details for the finale tribute.

Many had expected the recent death of the popular series star, Ralph Waite to be addressed within a few episodes of the premiere, and yet the finale seems to be a good choice of episodes to honor to a great actor. The series returns on Tuesday night, making it a tight squeeze to give Waite a proper tribute. It does seem more fitting to wait until the finale, so that the tribute can be well planned and also watched by the maximum number of viewers, who have grown to love the character of Jackson Gibbs.

Ralph Waite died earlier this month and was best known for his fatherly role in ‘The Waltons’ Best known for being papa Walton, Waite also played the role of Jackson Gibbs, the father of Agent Gibbs on “NCIS” with several guest spots from 2008 until last November, 2013.

NCIS” is the presumably the most popular show on TV right now and the return tomorrow night has fans ready to grab their favorite chair and watch the excitement. . The finale will make history with a good-bye to one of America’s favorite dads. Waite was well loved on the set of "NCIS." So, even though the finale is weeks away, grab the tissues now because it brings tears to the eyes just thinking about it.

Make sure to tune in on Tuesday nights on CBS 8/7c for a great hour of entertainment.

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