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Ralph Waite: Father of long running Walton’s family died yesterday at age 85

Ralph Waite who played the role of John Walton, Sr, dies at age 85.
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Not since Father Knows Best has any TV dad made such an impression on American families as John Walton, Sr.

Hearing the news of the death of Ralph Waite, alias John Walton, Sr., saddens several generations of avid viewers.

Waite played John Walton, Sr. on the TV show known as “The Walton’s.” The story line was based on the writer Earl Hammer’s childhood memories.

The names of the characters on this program became household words – everyone knew who John Boy, Mary Ellen, Erin, Ben, Jim Bob, and Elizabeth were. The scene is a place called Walton’s Mountain where for generations the Walton family lived, loved and died there.

There was a touching scene in one of the shows where Grandpa, Zubulon Walton, dies and was buried upon his beloved mountain. The actor, Will Geer, had actually passed away.

Today, the whole family will be grieving once again as they say good-by to the sensible, good-hearted, loyal father of the clan.

Ralph Waite (John Walton, Sr.), passed away yesterday at the age of 85. He was born June 28, 1928 and died February 13, 2014. No cause of death was reported.

For biography of Ralph Waite and his acting career look here.

For a list of all the important players on this show which can still be seen daily on various TV channels check out these links:

· 1 Main characters

o 1.1 John "John-Boy" Walton, Jr.

o 1.2 John Walton, Sr.

o 1.3 Olivia Walton

o 1.4 Zebulon Tyler Walton

o 1.5 Esther Walton

o 1.6 Jason Walton

o 1.7 Mary Ellen Walton

o 1.8 Benjamin "Ben" Walton

o 1.9 Erin Esther Walton

o 1.10 James Robert "Jim-Bob" Walton

o 1.11 Elizabeth Walton

o 1.12 Recurring characters

§ 1.12.1 Ike Godsey

§ 1.12.2 Mamie Baldwin

§ 1.12.3 Emily Baldwin

§ 1.12.4 Rev. Matthew Fordwick

§ 1.12.5 Rosemary Hunter Fordwick

§ 1.12.6 Corabeth Walton Godsey

§ 1.12.7 Verdie Grant Foster

§ 1.12.8 Sheriff Ep Bridges

§ 1.12.9 Sara Griffith Bridges

· 2 Other characters

o 2.1 Benjamin ("Uncle" Ben) Walton

o 2.2 Frances Daly

o 2.3 Olivia

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