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Ralph Waite best known for ‘The Waltons’ dies at 85

Ralph Waite joins the list of Hollywood legends who have died this week. The accomplished actor was 85 when he passed away on Thursday in Palm Springs, California. Known best for his role as John Walton in “The Waltons,” the man was known around Hollywood as a working actor who didn’t mind different characters. According to WBTW on Wednesday the idea of “The Waltons” becoming a hit series was the farthest from his agent’s mind when he auditioned.

What was considered a way to make a few bucks turned into a smash series and Ralph Waite was the head character of the family. As America latched on to the series, the star became more successful and even today, John Walton is referenced on shirts, hats and digital content.

Ralph Waite didn’t just rest on his previous success of Hollywood. The actor was seen recently in recurring roles on shows including "NCIS." His talent was unbelievable and fans from another generation had the chance to see his talent and embrace his great acting skills.

Ralph Waite offered Hollywood his wonderful talent and the actor will a definite hole is this Hollywood. Like Shirley Temple and Sid Caesar, America grew up with this actor and he will be sorely missed.

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