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Ralph Reed claims "divine appointment" revealed to him Obama was a fraud in 1997

Ralph Reed
Ralph Reed
AP Photo

Ralph Reed has a new book coming out soon entitled "Awakening: How America Can Turn from Moral and Economic Destruction Back to Greatness", and, in an effort to promote it, has filmed a series of short videos highlighting different aspects of the topics covered in his book.

In one such video, Reed claims to reveal the "real" Barack Obama, whom Reed met back in 1997 when they both served on a Harvard working group tasked with studying "civil engagement and social capital."

Accoring to Reed, his participation in that working group was "a divine appointment" brought about so that he could meet Obama and discover that he was "the most liberal and the most out of the mainstream politician I had ever met in my career who could be considered viable at the ballot box."

Reed also claims that Obama was aware of this as well, which is why he has used his gift for language "to obscure rather than to reveal who he really was and what he really believed."

"It was really a fog machine," Reed claims. "I knew it. Unfortunately, the rest of the country did not."

Which begs one very obvious question: If Reed not only knew this way back in 1997, before Obama had even entered the U.S. Senate, much less the Oval Office, but believes it was a "divine appointment" for the purpose of discovering in advance what Obama was really like, why is he only revealing it now?

The obvious answer is that the allegations are total crap, and Ralph Reed's book is just another load meant to get America's lunatic fringe fired up again while at the same time depriving them of more of their money.

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