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Ralph Nader Promotes New Book UnStoppable

On July 26 at the West Hartford Barnes and Noble Ralph Nader consumer advocate, lawyer and writer promoted his new book Unstoppable. He gave a interesting talk between 11 a.m to 12 noon to a mixed groups of interested fans of varying age. In the lecture he talked about how the left and right could work together to make changes in the government which is controlled by wealthy corporations. He cited many examples of how both parties are now working together to change serious issues.

There are many groups today with right and left members that work on political reform for prision reform, drugs, juvenile issue and environment. Nader cited a example of how Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi came close to passing through the House of Representatives a bill to stop NSA dragnet that spys on the American people. In fact a bill that encouraged federal employees that want to speak out waste, fraud, and corruption in corporations met corporate opposition. It was overcome by a votes from left and right in Congress in 2013.

In the book and his talk Ralph Nader gives many examples or left and right agreeing that corporate control does not always work. He mentioned that about 80 percent of American are for minimum wage reform. Many consumer want big banks to be broken up into smaller divisions and to cease with taxpayer bailouts when they fail. His book gives many examples and ideas of how groups of people can slowly change the landscape of corporate power.

Ralph Nadar is a author and consumer activist in the areas of consumer rights, worker protection, enviromental issues, and government. He has run for president on the Green Party ticket four time. To order a copy of his book visit a local Barnes and Nobles bookstore near you or visit the website online. They have several stores located throughout CT.

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