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Ralph Lauren's niece held on charges for air rage

Jenny Lauren in the sunny Upper East Side studio where she makes her jewelry.
Jenny Lauren in the sunny Upper East Side studio where she makes her jewelry.
Photo by Erin Baiano for The New York Times

Jenny Lauren, niece of Ralph Lauren, is being held on charges for air rage. ABC News (via the Associated Press) reported on Jan. 7 the jewelry designer was drunk and verbally abusive on a flight headed to New York. She was so disruptive that she forced the plane to land in Ireland.

She was arrested on Monday after acting up on a flight from Barcelona, Spain. The plane made an unscheduled stop at Shannon, a major airport in western Ireland. Officials had to remove her from the plane during the two-hour stop.

The 41-year-old confirmed her name and swore an oath on the Bible in an Irish bar. The Killaloe District Court was in service today, so the next ideal spot was of course, a local bar. Jenny plead no contest to three charges: displaying public drunkenness, making threats and abusive comments and posing as a risk to herself and others. She was also charged for behaving in an offensive and obnoxious fashion. Looks like that's out of style this season.

Jenny hid her face from the paparazzi as she was driven away in a black sports utility van with dark-tinted windows. Wonder what her famous uncle has to say about this.

Jenny Lauren was released on a bail of $3,400. She was forced to surrender her passport to officials. She must remain in the country until her next hearing tomorrow.